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La Piazza Al Forno

Pizzeria Napoletana & Italian Kitchen

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11am - 3pm | 4 pm - 8 pm
11am - 3pm | 4 pm - 8 pm
11am - 3pm | 4 pm - 8 pm
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11 pm - 9:30 pm
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5803 W Glendale Ave
Glendale, AZ 85307

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La Piazza Al Forno

Pizza-a word that is known all over the world, from Phoenix to New York City, from Europe to Asia. It is a word used to describe many different products. Anything from deep dish, to cracker crust, to stuffed crust, or whatever you prefer - it's all there. However, the meaning of the word "Pizza" has been misunderstood over the years. "Pizza" only means one thing. It is Neapolitan. The definition of the word and the product. The word itself comes from a Neapolitan slang for the pronunciation of the word "Pita." The history of pizza can be traced back 2,000 years to a flatbread baked in Pompeii. This is the same pizza being cooked in wood fired brick ovens in Naples today.

At La Piazza Al Forno, we use the same methods and ingredients, from San Marzano Tomatoes and Double "00" Flour for our homemade dough, and House Made Mozzarella on every Pizza prepared and baked to order in our wood fired brick oven. So that being said, while the square, round, extra thick or stuffed dough may be what you're used to, it's just not Pizza.

Our Oven

Stefano Ferrara begins his business in 2001 thanks his experience in building
handmade brick ovens handed on for many generations. Craftsman for three generations Stefano Ferrara begins to work when he was adolescent with his father known with the name Mastu Natale who was a very popular and highly regarded Neapolitan artisan.

Today thanks to the passion, care and attention on details, our ovens besides than
to guarantee the best performance in cooking and heat retaining, they are also unique pieces of Neapolitan handicraft highly appreciated and demanded on all over the

Our ovens are built brick by brick, without using any prefabricated concrete slabs,
as old Neapolitan traditions and they can be adapted to the available spaces existing
on the construction site. Thanks to the right thickness of the plain for cooking, made
of refractory plains from Salernitano, with a high thermal and abrasion resistance, and the natural insulating material used, it is possible to retain the heat and also to obtain optimal heat waves ideal for a gradual and homogeneous baking of pizza with also a remarkable saving of firewood and baking times.

After many years of baking, if it’s necessary, the plain for cooking can be replaced
while leaving the oven intact. Our ovens easily reach and take uniform the right temperature of 400°C-500°C for baking Neapolitan pizza.

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